Sunday, September 7, 2014

“They Got a White Dude!” This, Shannon Watts, Is Why We Need Guns To Go Grocery Shopping

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Tell us again, Moms Demand Action, why we shouldn’t have the right to defend ourselves from brutal and senseless assaults like this when we go out in public.

A Kroger employee tells WMC Action News 5 that the attack happened at the Kroger near Highland Street and Poplar Avenue.

Accroding to police, three people were jumped by a large group of teenagers who were chanting “fam mob.” The group, who came from CiCi’s Pizza, reportedly attacked a 25-year-old customer as he left his car to enter Kroger. Two employees, ages 17 and 18, were attacked while trying to stop the fight.

Both were “struck several times in the head and face, while being knocked to the ground.” The victims say large pumpkins were thrown at their heads. They both eventually were knocked unconscious.

More with video @ Bearing Arms


  1. Arm up.... and like the Pumpkin, their heads wouldn't hold up very well either.

  2. One pistol (when in urban environments) might not be enough. A second (backup) might be needed and necessary. I'd hate to have to put down a kid (or ten), but I'm not going to roll around an asphalt parking lot with one (or ten) of them either.

    1. Good point. I carry one with another at arm's reach, but not when I'm away from the car or house, so I believe your advice should be followed any place where you might feel uneasy.

  3. Carry, with extra magazines, & start stopping this shit.

  4. kipling wrote a poem called the wrath of the saxon and once we become aroused woe unto them while they burn a few blocks of their own hometown we will burn whole continents your sad friend truckwilkins

  5. Well, when Ray-Ray gets shot in the face along with some of his buddies here in Texas for doing that, and the rest scatter like flies, his momma can talk about the mean ole racist cracker who shot em and the racist ass Republic of Texas that allowed said cracker to take her poor innocent church going son's life with his evil white privledge right to own a scary gun.

  6. When they bring that race war they and their black leaders are so keen on creating, I will enjoy not having ROEs. Remember you thug mobs, in times of war... the law falls silent ;)