Thursday, October 30, 2014

Baseball: The game of fathers and sons. Jack Cashill has theory about decreasing number of blacks in big leagues

I bet he is 100% correct.

If there is one movie scene that can make a grown man cry, especially those of us who lost our fathers at an early age, it is the one at the very end of “Field of Dreams.”

Ray, the character played by Kevin Kostner, meets the young catcher John Kinsella, his long dead father brought back to youthful glory by the power of dreams and Hollywood special effects.

Uncertain as to what to do, Ray says to his father, “You wanna have a catch?” A tear in his eye, John answers, “I’d like that.”

“They throw the ball back and forth,” read the director’s notes at movie’s end. “And as we pull up higher and higher we see a father and son bathed by white floodlights and car headlights on the silent satiny green of a baseball diamond at the edge of a cornfield.”

Pass those hankies!

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  1. I think Jack has a good point. Sad, but true on oh so may levels, which Fred laid wide open today.

    I like to watch the Tigers, and I must say that with baseball, at least I know what is going on at all times unlike football... or cricket. Good Gawd, can anyone explain cricket???

  2. if only - I understand lighters ;)