Thursday, November 6, 2014

9 Bills Republicans Should Pursue Immediately

The big question now confronts a newly-emergent Republican majority in the Senate and an overwhelming Republican majority in the House: what next? Some party leaders have called for working with the opposition; some have proposed comprehensive legislation. Others say it’s time to push forward with a hard-core conservative agenda, full speed ahead.

The answer truly lies in combatting the narrative that the media will no doubt embrace: Republicans as the Party of No. We saw this narrative emerge in the aftermath of the Republican victories of 2010; Obama then ran against the supposedly obstructionist Congress. The media, seeking to prop up a Hillary Clinton run, will now demonize the Republican Party as a roadblock to progress.

Which is why the GOP must reverse the narrative. It is President Obama who is the roadblock. He is, in fact, the President of No.

How can the GOP achieve this reversal? By moving beyond omnibus packages, pork-laden monstrosities cobbled together via a consensus-building process. Instead, Republicans should pursue short, single-issue bills, no more than 10 pages in length, with clear and concise language. The bills should all be simple, comprehensible, and inescapable in the conclusions constituents should draw from a Congressional vote on them.

Here are the top options for Republicans:

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  1. Obama intends to pass an Presidential Amnesty Directive before year's end while he still has a Democrat Senate. The only response the Republicans could make of significance is to impeach him. The Republicans will never impeach the first black president. That only leaves them the option of closing the barn door after 30-MILLION new Democrat voters have entered the building as citizens.

    1. I don't know what difference it would make having a Democratic Senate.

  2. The GOP does not have a supermajority in congress. Therefore NO law that Obungler disapproves of will get past his desk and congress won't be able to override his veto. NOTHING is going to get done this term unless it serves the agenda of the White House. If that means EVERYTHING is done by EO then that is what will happen. The only way this congress accomplishes anything useful to America is if they impeach his candy ass.....a good hanging afterwards would go a long way towards fixing a lot of problems.

    1. ..a good hanging afterwards would go a long way towards fixing a lot of problems.