Thursday, November 6, 2014

Homeschool: The beginning of a disturbing trend?


Via comment by Sioux on Williamson County, TN Schools Ban Christianity and...

 Here's a fascinating article I just saw: School officials trying to bully homeschooling parents to put their kids back in school. The article dubbed it "the beginning of a disturbing trend."

Apparently homeschooling parents in Ritchie County, West Virginia are being contacted by school districts who don't like the fact that so many children are not enrolled in public schools (thus costing the districts $12,000 per pupil of government funding).

So what's a desperate school district to do? "The county’s superintendent ordered a campaign designed to convince homeschooling parents to put their children back in the public schools."

And how does a school district "convince" parents they shouldn't homeschool? By harassment, intimidation, and quasi-stalking. HSLDA reported that one family "had gotten so many calls at their place of employment that their work supervisor was asking questions about the calls."


  1. If one homescools where does that money seized through property tax go if it doesnt go the school district due to enrollment numbers?

    And cyberschool is crap. Common core.

    1. Good question: This year 19.1% goes to schools and 50.8% goes to welfare in Edgecombe county.