Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Driver Confronts Ferguson Protesters Blocking Highway

Via Susan

Father struggling to feed six kids kept from work

 “I got to go to Ross right now, homie. If I don’t get there, I’m going to get fired,” Landrum pleaded. “I’ve got six f*ckin kids to feed, homie. M*ther f*ckers get shot every f*ckin day. Deal with it the right way, not like this.”


  1. Obviously this guy thinks this is about the bully that got shot. This is about keeping people's attention away from Obama taking complete control of the country. The press is the one that should be addressed as Obama gets his cover from them. If you want to do the right thing cut off the mainstream press from your dollars....NOW

  2. "RAMMING SPEEEEEED!!!!!!" D-Day, Animal House