Friday, November 14, 2014

Media Release Darren Wilson Radio Communication and Video: Darren Wilson’s radio calls show fatal encounter was brief


The Aug. 9 fatal shooting here that sparked three months of protests and calls for change from around the world happened in less than 90 seconds, interviews and an analysis of police and EMS records shows.

The records, obtained by the Post-Dispatch via Missouri’s Sunshine law, provide the best timeline yet for the events surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown Jr., 18. Also released were police station surveillance videos that provide the most recent images of Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, who has not been seen publicly since the shooting. Wilson left the police station for the hospital two hours after the shooting, accompanied by other officers and his union lawyer.

More with videos @ The Last Refuge


  1. The truth is out. It is documented. But there are people who dont want the truth. If you wish to live and act like a thug you have to learn to live with the consequences of that lifestyle. Prison and or death are the price youll pay.