Friday, November 14, 2014

Super-Amnesty Will Turn Every City into Detroit


After another bloody weekend in Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel branded the shootings unacceptable and the city’s top cop demanded more gun control laws. Chicago’s murder rate has actually dropped since concealed carry became legal. Emanuel’s lawsuits over his illegal gun control laws have left the already struggling city deep in the hole and forced to cover the NRA’s million dollars in legal bills.

Concealed carry paid off over that bloody weekend when a vet carrying a gun returned fire stopping a massacre before it happened. The original shooter ended up in the hospital, but nobody ended up in the morgue, which kept the death toll for the weekend down to fourteen.

Fourteen isn’t pretty, but it’s better than twenty or thirty.

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  1. Every city to look like Detroit. And Detroit will be Mogadishu 2.0.its the plan.

    And that 4M or 6M number is bullsh...
    There are waaay more than that and no plans on removing them.
    Cops spend their resources assaulting Christians, homeowners and puppies.

    1. Cops spend their resources assaulting Christians, homeowners and puppies.


  2. its against the law to hire illegals.all we have to do is arrest people who hire them.put them in a real jail with common crimenals not some minamum security spa. and not just arrest the big employers but also people who hire illegals hang around your local lowes.with out jobs illegals would go home. your friend truckwilkins

  3. They have fake green cards.

    And for a country with 20% unemployment, I have yet to talk to a small business owner who ISNT having a problem with employees. Finding them. Them showing up. The young all seem to want a paycheck just for showing up. And when they are ecpected to earn it they disappear, fake an injury or worse.
    We're obviously not hurting bad enough yet.

    1. They have fake green cards.

      A dime a dozen.


      We're obviously not hurting bad enough yet.

      Not as long as a healthy, young male, for instance, can get the equivalent of $2,500 a month from welfare by simply stating he can't find a job. Repulsive.