Monday, November 24, 2014

They’d rather bring in third-world savages with no skills beyond brigandage.........

Dixie and Oleg 2012

My family came to the US as refugees and had a very easy time of going through the naturalization process. We may have been a happy exception. I have a friend, an internationally known writer, who submitted his green card application several times, with substantial fees attached to every one of the. They were all “lost”. Upon a call from his state senator, they were miraculously found.

This morning, I read a this on a blog of an acquaintance whose writings I’ve been following for years:

February will mark the two year anniversary as to when my husband submitted his application for a change of status – a Green card.

He hasn’t even been called for an interview yet.

More @ Oleg Volk


  1. Discrimination at the highest. Quality not quantity. That's not discrimination;
    that's patriotism. Boat people indeed!

  2. No comparison between the boat people and those today.

    1. I was talking about these boat people. What kind are you referring?

    2. Got it. I was referring to the Vietnamese boat people.