Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saving Comrade Castro

Via Joe

The Soviet Union did not have to fall. If Carter had won a second term and Mondale had succeeded him, the Communist dictatorship might have received the outside help it needed to survive.

And we would still be living under the shadow of the Cold War.

Carter couldn’t save the Soviet Union, but he did his best to save Castro, visiting Fidel and Raul in Cuba where the second worst president in American history described his meeting with Castro as a greeting among “old friends”.

Raul Castro called Carter “the best of all U.S. presidents”.

Obama’s dirty deal with Raul will make the worst president in American history, Castro’s new best friend.

Carter couldn’t save Castro, but Obama did. This was not a prisoner exchange. This was a Communist bailout.

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  1. Here's Fred on this subject:

  2. We always have Vietnam as a prime example of "normalization." I was surprised that Fred didn't mention that in further defense of his position.

  3. I'm with Fred. Whatever we were trying to accomplish with the embargo, it didn't work. Whatever Fidel wants that we make he can buy from Canada anyway. Cuba has wonderful beaches and fine cigars. Fidel is almost dead anyway. We're beating a dead Fidel.

    1. Thanks. It's rough for the Cubans who fought against him and/or lost family members, but they pale in comparison to the Vietnamese. Some of the Cuban graduates of my military school went back and lost their lives.