Saturday, December 20, 2014

Top Ten Stolen Valor

It starts off simple enough. A casual mention of military service. And, oh by the way, a Purple Heart and a few other honors earned. How can you not trust a man who served his country so gallantly?

More @ Warrior Lodge


Ten More Stolen Valor!


  1. Pisses me off!
    ( I love the last one where the "poser" get called out and exposed by the real veteran!)

  2. Hi Brock and all,
    They are out there and walk among us!! Biggest F*&k up they pull is on the fruit salad and medals!! I don't think anyone in the military has ever earned as many awards as most of these guys sport!! 'Ya don't realize how bad it is till you find out one of your associates "ain't what he claims he's cracked up to be!!!!!!" Had a guy who usta' jump with us at Skydive Raeford, claimed to be a former Lcdr. Seal, 'worked with team 1 in Va. Someone we worked with knew members of the team and when they asked about Norm, they said,"Norm who??" they put her in contact with Chuck and Mary Shantag at the POW Network and Normie got"Busted!!" Dude never shows his ass around Raeford anymore!!! Last I heard he was workin' for "Madenform" out in East Fayetteville. The bitch about it all is that when we confronted him with "The Truth" he had a great "Back up Lie" for every facet and Back up lies for those!!! He really believed he really was this fictitious person he created!!
    Got Gunz??,

    1. Good story and good site 'POW Network'. I exchanged emails with her when we were outing the fake warrior/Indian/artist Churchill.