Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Brass Stacker Mosin Scout (M44) rifle

Brass Stacker “Mosin Scout” 

During WW2, Soviet sniper rifles were basically infantry 1891/30s (and occasionally SVT40 semiautos) hand-selected for accuracy. Other than the accident of manufacture and subsequent addition of an optical sight of 3.5 to 4 power, they were not very different from the run of the mill 3-line rifle. Equipped with the side-mounted scope, these rifles lacked the ability to use stripper clips.

By contrast, the German approach had two tiers, the sniper rifle proper with a 4 power scope and a designated marksman weapon, usually fitted with a 1.5x ZF41 extended eye relief scope. Over 100,000 were produced by 1945. Although of limited optical quality, these sights improved hit probability over iron sights. A couple of decades later, Jeff Cooper would call those “scout” rifles.

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  1. That's a sharp looking rifle... I'll have to bug my local FFL buddy to keep his eye out for a carbine. I think I want one ...

  2. Info on the brake I used.



    NC shop below has some nice ones. Gone up about $80, but that's life.



    The one I bought.


  3. I've got a Mosin that I'd like to trick out with an Archangel stock but when I do the math
    on the stock, a timney trigger, a scope mount and scope and a bent bolt handle to clear the scope it just doesn't add up. I'd have upwards of 700 bucks in a 1 MOA rifle. Now days you
    can buy new sub MOA rifles off the shelf with scopes included for less money. Savage, Ruger and Mossberg all make nice units with adjustable triggers in .308, 30-06 and a lot of other calibers for 500 or so. I still want to do it but it doesn't make much sense.

    1. Agreed. I have a total of about $300 in mine, $150 for the purchase price, about $150 more for the brake, scope, bolt and recoil pad.

      I'd go for this: $663 delivered!

      Savage 10FCM SCOUT 308 DBM

  4. A fine picture of the woman with the rifle. Makes me think of Fred:
    http://www.fredoneverything.net/WomenMilitary.shtml LOL

    1. Fred doesn't write any bad ones, that's for sure. :)