Tuesday, January 27, 2015

"........we really should disarm everyone. That also means disarming the police.”

Via Michael


Portland State University recently hosted Angela Davis, a renowned Black Panther and former 2 time Communist Party USA nominee for Vice President. Ms. Davis had the honor of giving the keynote address during the university’s MLK Week.

In a video posted by LaughingAtLiberals, her speech including sympathizing with the Charlie Hebdo shooters by saying  

“It is so sad to see that the use of the term “terrorist”, which reminds me of the way communist used to be used, spreads such fear in people’s hearts…To ask questions about those young men who did that horrible thing in Paris. But what kind of lives were they living? No one talks about the conditions under which they live, in the ghettos surrounding Paris. People don’t like to talk about French racism. Seems to me like we have to be willing to look at the entire story and not simply use the word “terrorism.”


  1. I saw 'Portland' and stopped reading.

    This is nothing more than a live action script of 'Portlandia'

  2. I remember when she held a sawed off shotgun that was wired to the back of a judge's neck, as she and others took him hostage during (I think) a jail break.

    They walked in a group through a bunch of police who responded to the scene, and climbed into a van.

    The gun went off and the judge was dead.

    Angela Davis?

    She became a national celebrity.

    Why is she still alive, or why was she let out of prison?

    Also, how (and WHY?) did she get to be so WHITE?

    1. She wasn't there but had bought the shotgun before and was cleared of all charges which I am sure of which she was guilty.

  3. Guilty as Bill Ayers for sure - I wonder if Mizzzz Davis would support strict separation of the Races to avoid the evils of RACIZZZZZZM. Would she like to head up an Apartheid system in America so pure and complete that Whitey would be relegated to his/her own ghettoes safe away from the rest of the World? No mixing. No mating. No Co-Educating - No sharing at all - true Apartheid !

  4. as I stated in my Tranny comment, I am on a tear for sure... and it ain't purty....

  5. you be the only one ;)

  6. Just read this over at Free Republic - amazing is all I can say. Both at the idea of this town actually existing and the bald-faced ignorance of the young woman reporting.

    1. Thanks and the only smart ones in SA. I'll post this and a letter that chastises her.