Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Forcing females into combat is real ‘war on women’

Via Sioux 

 Illustration on women in combat by Nancy Ohanian/tribune Content Agency

Now that voters have disposed of the phony “war on women,” can we talk about real women fighting future wars?

More than 92 percent of active-duty Army women said in a recent official survey that they do not want and would not take direct ground combat (infantry) assignments. Nevertheless, President Obama plans to order women into the combat arms by January 2016.


  1. It has never been about Women being in combat positions as grunts. None of them want that. What they want is to be able to put Women in as junior officers just long enough to get the ticket punched so they can put them in higher command positions and get rid of the old White Men.

    1. I am sure and a friend who retired from the Pentagon (His father was a general officer in WWII) said it was absolutely horrible promoting women and minorities over more qualified people.

    2. Yeah, we're all going to die pretty much. Just a matter of time. But it's sooner rather than later thanks to the liar in chief.

    3. it's sooner rather than later thanks to the liar in chief.


  2. It's not even about ticket punching as jr officers. it is about women becoming generals. Brigade commander is the big ticket that determins who is going to wear stars (plus a few women thrown in). Women Colonels want brigade commands and all those are locked up for combat arms men. And those women who want to be generals don't care how many junior women they have to screw over to get their career. The current crop are cenrtainly not going to exclude themselves because they didn't serve in those usint as LTs.