Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The 25 who stood against the Obama-Boehner Chess game should form their own party

Via Sioux "Let's Roll! The Patriot Party - I like it! She calls out Gowdy, Mia Love and Daryl Issa by name as betrayers. Done with all of them except the Brave 25.


 There is no mystery about why 216 Republicans have thrown in with the Democrats against We the People;  no mystery whatsoever about why John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi played platform kissey-kissey when both got to keep their shameful jobs in yesterday’s sickening turn of events.

Politicians of all political stripes stopped taking the high road as soon as they arrived in the safe territory where their constituents could do nothing about their going along to get along trek through public office.

They are comfy in the knowledge that people are more interested in reading about which winter storms are headed their way; when Ebola will return to the radar; how Prince Andrew will wiggle himself out of the current pedophile scandal.

Politicians care not a whit about the disdain from the people who voted them in.  They are basking in the convenient ‘likes’ that come from Facebook as they continue to feather their own nests.


  1. They should - time for a Conservative Party.

  2. How about calling it the Jeffersonian-Democratic Party?

    1. Let's leave out both of those current names, please. Patriot works for me. Hell, they could call us Whigs for all I care!