Tuesday, January 6, 2015

TX & NC: ..........what really pisses off the anti-hunting crowd is I’m a girl & doing these things

 Kendall Jones

Competition winner Trey Moore, of North Carolina 

A Texas college cheerleader is under fire again, this time for starting an online contest to find the hottest male hunter.

Controversy is nothing new when it comes to Kendall Jones, the 19-year-old Texas Tech student and avid hunter. Last summer she was in the cross-hairs of critics over photos on her Facebook page displaying the rare big-game she killed on African safaris.

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  1. Who cares? Damn - people will bitch about a free lunch these days.
    I say we need to start looking for the hottest female hunter. Kendall can be honorary Best until a new 'hottest' is is found.

  2. Nice rack. The buck is nice too.