Monday, February 2, 2015

16:33 - Americans -- Spartak settlement "Donetsk. Line of War 4" documentary


  1. Brock, can you explain to me who we are supposed to be behind here. I shared with you the forum a while back, it is absolute devastation over there. why is this not news? It seems there are rebels fights the ukraine government, but yet there are russians doing... What again? This is a really confusing mess. I think part of my issue is all these videos I cant understand what the fuck they are saying. sorry for being such a dumb ass, but it is really bad over there. and then you hear videos with English speaking
    "our" people in this fight.... WTF over?


    1. Whatever some may think of Yanukovych, the fact is, he was forced out of the office that he was legally elected to with the instigation/backing of Obama. Russia backs the Rebels and Obama the current Kiev government. Anything Obama is for, I am naturally. against. :)

  2. I was wondering that also. And the complete lack of anyone except blogs mentioning it.