Sunday, February 15, 2015

Earthen Confederate fortifications hide in plain sight

Via Robert

Kevin Byrd steps carefully around the base of Fort Bull, an earthen mound that was a Confederate defensive site in West Ashley. It extends across the left side of the photo.

The earth mounds can turn up anywhere in the Lowcountry, it seems — odd-shaped crowns or crooked rows, a little too large and too strange to be natural.
They are haunts of the past.
Kevin Byrd was a kid playing in the West Ashley woods near the Ashley River when he came upon the first one to catch his eye, a circle of humps twice as tall as a man. He knew it was something but had no idea what. Even as an adult he keeps looking for it when driving past. He’s now 54 years old.


  1. Cool! I've seen the Indian mounds but have never heard of Confederate mounds.