Sunday, February 15, 2015

Nearly 40 years after war's end, flag of South Vietnam endures

 South Vietnamese flag endures

Glamorous pictures of brides and grooms adorn the walls of Benjamin Photography, but for the portrait artist, no image he's captured has seduced more eyes than the one of a yellow flag with three red stripes, waving in the evening wind next to a woman, her face angled in thought.

"See this? They tell me it captures a woman's love for tradition and for the spirit of her country," Westminster resident Benjamin Vu says. "This — this is Vietnam personified."

Although it disappeared from the flagpoles in Vietnam almost 40 years ago, the distinctive South Vietnamese flag is all but ubiquitous in Little Saigon, fluttering alongside the American flag at the Westminster civic center, hanging from shop windows on busy Bolsa Avenue and paraded along the streets during festive Tet celebrations.

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