Sunday, February 15, 2015

NC: Leases for wind turbines could come in 2016

Via Carl

Wind Energy Carolinas

— The first leases allowing wind turbines offshore of the Carolinas are expected to be let next year although some still worry the massive turbines could harm tourism upon which coastal communities depend.

Concerns the turbines will spoil views from beaches surfaced again as about 200 people attended three hearings in recent days held by the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.

The agency has issued a report that there appears to be no significant environmental impact to offshore wind development. It took public comment at hearings in Kitty Hawk, Wilmington and in Carolina Shores on the South Carolina state line.

The agency has identified three areas for potential leases. One is about 120,000 acres off the Outer Banks while the other two are tracts of 130,000 acres and 52,000 acres south of Wilmington and east of Myrtle Beach, S.C.


  1. "appears to be no significant environmental impact"

    Unless you are unlucky enough to be a sea bird.
    Seems it is OK the turbines to kill eagles also.

  2. Agreed. These turbines kill thousands of birds. Birds are already disappearing.
    Seems someone could place wired type chicken coop fencing around the turbines
    or something to protect the birds...

    1. Logic will get you nowhere when dealing with the government. :)

  3. I hate these wind turbines - trust me, the Juice ain't worth the Squeeze. 100% boondoggle scam, not to mention the bird slaughter. Where are the bloody PETA fools when you need them??? They have already figured out that they have been duped in Europe:
    And more from America: