Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mystery photo unseen for 30 years may be the only existing image of a submerged Civil War gunship... but no-one knows where it is

Via Harry

Recovery: The Army Corps of Engineers hope to locate the  photograph that purports to be of the CSS Georgia, seen in this picture taken by John Potter of the original

Archaeologists with the Army Corps of Engineers are searching for what may be the sole photograph of Civil War-era ironclad CSS Georgia as they salvage its remains from the Savannah River.

So far, the only person able to verify details about the photo is the man who found it at a yard sale in Georgia in the 1980s - John Potter.

Potter said he was looking through a collection of antiques at a home in Waycross when he stumbled upon a picture frame that caught his eye. 

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  1. obama must not know about this. Neither he or any of his liberal followers would ever support salvaging a piece of Confederate history.

    1. Fortunately the administration hasn't said/done much on the Confederacy and I'm sure it's because of the ill will which would result.