Sunday, March 1, 2015

Al Sharpton: the ‘Least Expensive Negro, Just Give Him $50,000 and a Bucket of Chicken and We’re Good’

Via Joe

Image source: YouTube

Entertainment figure Byron Allen is among a group of black media owners that filed a $20 billion discrimination lawsuit against Comcast and Time Warner Cable — which called the employment of MSNBC’s Al Sharpton “a sham, undertaken to whitewash Comcast’s discriminatory business practices” — and Allen just went off against Sharpton, corporate America and even President Barack Obama.

Appearing on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Sunday morning, Allen was angry particularly over his belief that a number of corporations ignore other black figures but do business with Sharpton because he’s the “least expensive negro.”

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  1. Oh, what's the matter? Now that you've spent decades licking the boots of an unrepentant race hustler you're uspset that he's turned out to be exactly what he appears--a bought and paid for shill for the powers that be with the manners and morals of a rabid hyena. Perhaps if your weren't so fast to sign over your independent judgement to as cynical a carpetbagging ne'er-do-well as ever walked the earth you wouldn't be in this embarassing predicatment now.