Sunday, March 1, 2015

Judge approves settlement allowing return of some Mexicans expelled from California

Via Joe

A court ruling clears the way for hundreds and perhaps thousands of immigrants improperly expelled to Mexico from Southern California to be allowed to return to seek legal U.S. residency, an official with a civil rights group said on Saturday.

Attorneys from the American Civil Liberties Union contended in a lawsuit on behalf of roughly 10 plaintiffs expelled to Mexico that the immigrants were tricked or coerced into signing their own expulsion orders. 

U.S. officials and the ACLU reached a settlement last August to prevent immigration authorities from pressuring undocumented immigrants in Southern California to sign off on their expulsions to Mexico. The agreement laid the groundwork for a broader class of expelled immigrants than the original plaintiffs to potentially return to the United States.

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  2. Oh no, not more. Why don't they go build their own nation and stay the hell
    out of ours.

    1. Yes or let us secede. ''All we ask is to be left alone'', but no, have to control you.