Sunday, March 1, 2015

"Anyone who does not respect 30 percent of the world’s population has no right to live.”

 Via Joe

Iraqi born cleric Mullah Krekar, smiles after being released from Kongsvinger prison, in Kongsvinger, Norway, Sunday Jan. 25, 2015. Krekar was released in Norway after serving time for making death threats against a politician and intimidating witnesses. Najmaddin Faraj Ahmad, also known as Mullah Krekar, was fetched by family members on Sunday from Kongsvinger prison near Oslo after a sentence of two years and 10 months. (AP Photo/NTB scanpix, Audun Braastad)

The words offer chilling insight into the mind of a radical Islamist: “We will defend our religion with our blood.”

Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad, known commonly as Mullah Krekar, was arrested on Thursday because of what he said in an interview with Norwegian TV station NRK.

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  1. I respect those who respect me and my beliefs enough to leave me alone. anyone else has my great and direct displeasure.

  2. My retort to that is the 30% that don't respect the life, rights and beliefs of the other 70% have no right to my respect! Leave me alone and I'll leave you alone. Mess with me or mine and prepare to meet your virgins. CH

  3. "We will defend our religion with our blood." I suspect that he may have the chance, and sooner rather than later.