Monday, March 2, 2015

North Carolina Legalizes Call Girls For Politicians

Via comment by Anonymous on NC: 2 adults, 2 juveniles in custody in High Point...


Must you be a NC politician or can South Carolina Republicans now run up (limousined) to NC for a “fix”? The chosen analogy of a sex act having no monetary value does not compute with a politician getting a free flight to Fiji, or other such medium for which someone must pay for a service or ‘device’.
Also, must be non-gender specific to apply to the gay/lesbian political element, as well as religious or race non-specific. This is the Party of the Big Tent, had you forgotten?

Family plans most likely will be offered as well. 

Incurred medical expenses or extended care will be covered by the taxpayers of NC. Those arranged “dates” aren’t free for someone. 


  1. Why not for all? I feel cheated.

  2. Lift the ban period politicians are prostitutes by nature...

    1. politicians are prostitutes by nature...

      You got that!

  3. "I object to the term 'blackmail.' It is blackmail to obtain money by threatening to publish material in a newspaper, but what blackmail is there in accepting a small retainer for keeping material out of a newspaper?"

    "And how would _you_ propose to keep it out of a newspaper?"

    "By telling the editor what I know about his sister and a certain government official in these parts. Let him put that in his paper if he is in need of news."

    --Michael Caine and Sean Connery in the film "The Man Who Would Be King"