Monday, March 2, 2015

12-year-old Locked Out of Facebook After Saying Obama Doesn't Love America

Via Joe

CJ Pearson, a politically active 12-year-old from Augusta, Georgia, says he has been locked out of his Facebook account after posting a video saying President Barack Obama doesn't love America.

Pearson, who serves as the executive director of Young Georgians in Government, posted the video on YouTube and Facebook on February 21. As of late Sunday afternoon, the YouTube video had received 1.3 million views.

But when he woke up Friday and tried to log in to Facebook, his account was locked. He told WRDW-TV on Sunday his personal account is still locked, but not his public page.

Pearson had his editor post an update on that page for his fans.

"I am having my Editor, Alan Davidson post on my behalf on this page while Facebook continues to lock me out. The 1st mendment is obviously not a big concern to the powers at be at Facebook, but we will continue to fight back!" Pearson wrote.

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  1. Only 12. I can forgive that he doesn't know the 1st amendment only applies to acts of the government. Facebook is a private company. I can also forgive that he didn't read the terms of use, in which Facebook clearly stated that they own everything he posts and can erase it without warning and without recourse. I can't forgive that Newsmax (run by educated adults) is making a story about this.

    How much was he paying for his facebook account again?

  2. Wondering how to combat this...perhaps...our own version, "Patriot Page" or something. Fight fire with fire except our fire won't be backed by .fed

    -John C

  3. Seems like Facebook and Obama found out that the truth hurts even (I guess especially) when it comes from the mouth of a 12 Y/O. CH