Monday, March 2, 2015

1,000 Yards from a $500 Rifle–Ruger’s American Predator

 American rifle 16

I really despise gun writers that have no problem selling their soul to whatever company sends them a gun or product to review. I will not ever be that guy. With that being said go ahead and get prepared for a review of the Ruger American Rifle Predator edition that will make it sound like my soul was bought and paid for.

When I began this review, Ruger had asked me what caliber I wanted the Predator in and I almost went with .308, but a friend suggested that I give 6.5 Creedmoor a chance. I am glad I chose the 6.5. I’ve now fallen in love with the cartridge and the reason will become more clear the article progresses.

When I unboxed the Predator, I found a skinny little tapered barrel, a light composite stock, and a surprisingly smooth action. I say surprising because there was really nothing remarkable about the rifle other than the action. Admittedly, I did not have high expectations for the predator. It is a deceptively modest gun.

The American Rifle is known for its modest appearance and solid performance.

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  1. Want a round to really knock your socks off at 1,500 try 7mm Rem Ultra Mag. My personal favorite before stepping up to .338LM

    -John C

  2. I bought a Ruger American last week in .308. So far I love it. I don't have
    it scoped up yet and haven't fired it but I adjusted the trigger and man is
    it fine. I'm guessing I have it at a bit over 3 lbs and there is absolutely no creep.
    It breaks like a little glass rod. CH

    1. .308.

      That's what I would do considering available.

  3. Here is the Ruger I bought, if anyone is looking for a deal on a nice rifle. Don't let the
    Navy Digital Camo worry you. It looks great. They ship quickly and freight to my
    FFL was less than 15 bucks. CH

  4. Thanks and I noticed that for $70 more you can get the Predator in .308.

  5. Glad they put the tang safety back on it - I'm not too crazy about bolt shroud safeties, the tang operates very naturally when mounting the rifle to shoulder.

  6. Brock that site also has some great prices on Armalite AR 15 type rifles right now, or at least they did yesterday. If my toy fund wasn't empty I'd order one. CH