Saturday, March 14, 2015

European Union Fails–Nationalism Surging, Multiculturalism Dying


As the European Coal and Steel Community of Jean Monnet evolved into the EU, we were told a “United States of Europe” was at hand, modeled on the USA. And other countries and continents will inevitably follow Europe’s example.

There will be a North American Union of the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and a Latin America Union of the Mercosur trade partnership.

In an essay, “The E.U. Experiment Has Failed,” Bruce Thornton of Hoover Institution makes the case that the verdict is in, the dream is dead, the EU is unraveling, One Europe is finished.

Consider, first, economics.

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  1. Because these strange cultures just don't fit in and never did. It's like trying to fit a square puzzle into a round section.
    But, then they try to cram it down everyone else's
    throat while they themselves live in a totally different universe, untouched by
    the destruction. As far as I am concerned, this is a crime against humanity,
    the indigenous humanity which were invaded. Yet, the beat continues in America.

    1. It's like trying to fit a square puzzle into a round section.

      Very good.

  2. Look at this one. These people have no feelings of compassion. They're
    typical antisocial behavior. This is what civilized society is up against. Monsters.

    1. Absolutely, "anonymous," civilized society is up against Monsters.
      And anyone who has actually seen them repeatedly in this life,
      and is honest, knows (and admits) that they come in all shapes,
      sizes, makes and models.
      Sincere Patriots would do well to remember that.
      Lest you make it even easier than many of you already do, for
      an inept and impotent enemy to easily win at every turn.
      Not only does the continued success of civility and freedom demand
      the honesty and intelligence of critical thinking, but also the continued existence of our Constitutional Republic.

      Salem Poor (1747–1802) was an African-American slave who purchased his freedom, became a soldier, and rose to fame as a war hero during the American Revolutionary War.
      In May 1775, Poor enlisted in the militia, serving under Captain Benjamin Ames in Colonel James Frye's regiment, opposing the British troops occupying besieged Boston. He is best remembered today for his actions during the Battle of Bunker Hill on June 17, 1775, where he is credited with mortally wounding British Lieutenant Colonel James Abercrombie.
      Of course, that is the same Bunker Hill where Dr. John Warren was killed.