Thursday, March 5, 2015

Louis Farrakhan: ‘Black Soldiers in the U.S. Armed Forces’ - ‘Come Home, Unite and Fight’

Via Joe

In addition to claiming that “many Israelis and Zionist Jews” played key roles in the Sept. 11 attacks, the Minister Louis Farrakhan also recently issued a call for “black soldiers in the U.S. Armed Forces to come home, unite and fight for [their] own lives,” according to a tweet and video lecture distributed on Wednesday by the Nation of Islam leader.

“We believe that local government, state government and federal government should always be on the side of truth and justice where the citizenry is concerned, no matter what the color,” Farrakhan said in a video posted to his Facebook page.

But he went on to discuss Michael Brown, Tamir Rice and Eric Garner, among others, who died at the hands of police officers, holding their killings up as evidence that there is inequality when it comes to the treatment of black citizens.

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  1. Bring it boys! I've been looking forward to this war for 25 years.

  2. Farrakhan is hilarious to me though he does still have a pretty decent following.
    Jim Jones comes to mind.