Thursday, April 16, 2015

Against All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic


Our nation was founded by men of courage and honor for whom preserving the Natural Law rights of the individual was a moral necessity. Their view of government contrasted sharply with the centuries-old European model in which everything was owned and controlled by the elite few. The “Revolutionary War” was really a “War of Independence” to make a clean break from the oppressive feudal system of the Old World with its economic stratification that stifled individual freedom. 

Protected by an ocean that required days to cross, these men seized the opportunity to form a new order, a New Model for the New World, based on the rule of law that enshrined and protected the Sovereign Man.

Our Constitution is a contract by which the sovereign citizens of thirteen sovereign states united to form a very limited central government that was not at all a party to the contract but a creation of its partners. It is abundantly clear from the Constitution itself and the minutes of the state ratifying conventions that ultimate authority rested with the states and their citizens, not with the central government or any of its three branches.


  1. Update on the Oregon mining situation:

  2. Some of your girls. Check out the 'little' girl shooting the machine gun. They
    start out young. I guess they have to.

  3. Then the industrial giants grew and spawned a bastard named Lincoln.