Thursday, April 16, 2015

Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come for You? (Part One)

Via southwind

 Local police are an entirely different story. They will be protecting their homes and neighbors – and even their early efforts to get people relocated to centers of “safety” will be part of that. When they figure out they have been had, that is where serious resistance will first begin. But by that time a lot of the federal rent-a-cops will have been moved into positions of local control. Not to worry. Nine times out of 10, a wily old Sheriff’s Deputy with a pot belly will eventually get the upper hand over a bullying young narcissist who things he’s the stuff. 

Many publications, including some at the edge of the establishment media, have started speculating about the federal government taking on emergency powers – or as some put it more bluntly, declaring Martial Law. It may not happen, but I must concede that the last six years has been an unending succession of assurances that some dire event will never happen. Then it does…and new assurances are made that, okay, though this happened, some even more dire situation will NEVER happen. Until it does. Then the cycle repeats.'

Reading speculation on such things I have seen a peculiar combination of denial that anything serious is wrong and overheated fears. Most discussions of such a thing involve images of tanks lumbering up urban streets, lots of barbed wire and ominous men with automatic weapons. That is a cinema-driven projection of atavistic fears rather than a sober assessment of how the government – or a group – would likely seize power.

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