Sunday, April 12, 2015

Common mistakes while bugging out

 trade post collapse

Bugging out is something that I once failed to do, because I did not even realize that it needed to be done, actually I saw what was happening but I did not „proccess“ the information in correct way, so I stay and had to go trough whole period of watching, doing, and getting hit by violence, together with being cold, hungry, sick and everything else.

Because bugging out is so important and survival done right is often not getting into survival situations in the first place I stress importance of bugging out (if you are not already live in great bug out location anyway)

Consider the following couple of mistakes that I witnessed (more than one time).

Right moment 

 More @ SHTF School


  1. Bugging out is usually a bad idea. Unless you have a secret location underground or such, you're just trading one set of problems that are better controlled (i.e. being at home means you own the property for example) for another set of problems that may be out of control.

    It really depends on what level of tyranny is present wherever you are. But most of the time, bugging in will sure beat bugging out. Those "remote cabins" will become overrun areas of people fighting for resources pretty quickly. Just like the cities. Thus the importance of networking with reliable, level-headed, calm, self-controlled people who fear God and tote guns they are trained to use.

    1. I'm sure in some circumstance, but staying in a city would be insane.

    2. Here's a good video on bugging in. I think it makes a lot of good points and Lt. Col. Ret. Richard Holden Hewitt (aka Nutnfancy) has a lot of knowledge and first hand experience to share in this video.