Sunday, April 12, 2015

KY: Surrender has to be Unambiguous to be Effective

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In this case in Kentucky, the robber had a fake gun.  When the victim pulled his own gun, the robber resorted to a gesture that indicated he did not want a gun fight.  But the realistic fake gun was still in his hand.

The clerk fired, the robber dropped the fake gun and fled.  His accomplices dropped him off at a closed Urgent Care, but bystanders called an ambulance and he survived, barely.

Police Chief Rick Sanders joins a growing list of police and Sheriffs who have praised armed defenders. 


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  1. My wife drives passed that store on the way to work. It is in one of the "safest" parts of Jefferson Co. The Heroin problem has gotten so bad in Louisville that the junkies are robbing people at gas pumps and mailboxes. ---Ray

    1. Thanks and difficult for y'all to move, I take it.

    2. We did move 12 years ago when this first started, but the heroin epidemic in Ky. is now everywhere. My wife is an APRN/ NP and her offices are in Jefferson Co. But moving "somewhere else" won't do much as they just busted 140 junkies in 24hrs. in her home town (Clarkson Ky. Pop. 500) and the situation in rural eastern Ky. (where I'm from) is no better. The sad facts are that Heroin and Meth junkies are now EVERYWHERE in Kentucky, and parts of Louisville and Lexington are war zones (over the drug trade) with bodies on the deck every morning. Thank God for our "stand your ground" law as the heroin addicts are getting creative with armed robbery. We have had reports of "roadblock"(WDRB and WLKY) armed robbery's (3) this week. Armed robbery at gas pumps(the twit used his own car. They caught him two hrs. after his last one, shooting up in his own house) and that's just last week. Hell Brock they busted a guy who had a "grow house" about a mile from here! The guy had a good paying factory job. The Sheriffs found so much pot and "other" stuff that it took more than 30 cops TWO DAYS to clear it. They bust "several" meth labs a WEEK and have so many heroin OD's that the ER crews are handing out NARCAN kits to the addicts. I was a teen in the 60's and 70's and they were NEVER this bad---Ray

    3. Man, your wife should be able to find a job elsewhere. Come on over to the Land of the Long Leaf Pine! :)

    4. No Brock; If everybody runs, then the badness wins. "Bugging out" is just another way to say "run away". My family has been in Ky. since 1757 , My wife's since the 1840's, our people are here. The graves of our people are here. If I'd run from drug trash, then all my talk about rightful liberty and standing with the III% would be nothing but hollow words. If I won't stand up now , how could I ever be trusted to stand when the great test comes?---Ray

    5. My family's safety comes first, I just have to determine whether to go to Dixeland or stay here.

  2. Good long as the gun is in the hand of the robber he is an imminent credible threat. Too bad this was not a 'taxpayer relief shot'. Now we the people
    will be stuck with the six figure medical bill to keep this POS alive PLUS the cost
    of trial and incarceration.