Sunday, April 12, 2015

The PETRA 300WM from SI-Defense - Recoil

Via mpopenker


  1. Been looking at and considering getting into 300WM.....specifically the Savage 110BA.
    This complicates things.....might have to reconsider.

  2. According to they guys at arfcom SI Defense hasn't priced it yet. I'm sure it will be well over $2K.....maybe even more. What the's only money.

  3. I want.

    Proving that the AR platform really is very versital.

  4. Damn you, sir! (said I pass another glass of your favorite beverage of choice to you)
    Another "I just gotta have it" on my wish list. I suspect that the guys at my mortgage company will have no sense of humor in the matter, as to why the mortgage is late. Again. I also suspect that one ought to be sitting, when the price for that precious is given.
    Note too, how history is repeting itself. Military firearms, over time morph into civilian sporting arms. The ubiquitous 30.06 was initially a military round. Now it is still the all around hunting round. So, given enough demand/desire, there will be an AR platform rifle in given caliber.
    Brock, thanks again. It is a pleasure to read a posting and learn some thing new.