Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cops Kill Man for Refusing to ID as He Dropped Off Stray Cat to Animal Shelter

Via III Percent Patriots

In late December of 2014, Robert Earl Lawrence, 30, in an act of compassion, took a stray cat to the Dothan Animal Shelter. What was a seemingly selfless act of kindness would subsequently end with Lawrence being fatally gunned down by a cop.

Almost four months after that fateful day, police have provided the public with no more answers than were given the day after the killing. They have maintained a blanket of virtual silence surrounding the incident.

As we reported previously, the staff at the shelter, rather than simply accepting the cat, proceeded to demand that Lawrence show government issued identification. Per shelter policy, they demanded Lawrence show ID, prior to being allowed to leave, according to information released by police immediately after the shooting.

Lawrence showed them a notarized legal identification in the form of an affidavit, rather than the standard Department of Motor Vehicle issued ID card. In what would prove to be a fatal move, shelter employees refused to accept his form of ID and called the police.

Immediately upon arrival, the police began to force Lawrence to show his ID, eventually attempting to arrest him. In an apparent struggle, Lawrence was fatally shot by the officer in the abdomen, according to police.


  1. Nothing aggravates LEO worse than someone who exhibits tendencies toward contempt of cop. Unfortunately nowadays it would appear that such tendencies carry a death sentence.

    Somewhere behind enemy lines,
    Peoples Republik of Kommiefornia

  2. Any attempt to have a brush with the law, even a dog catcher can get you killed. They didn't buy all that ammunition to bury it in a hole somewhere.

  3. This really doesn't make any sense.

    1. Why would the police give a shit about the Shelter policy? Why would they even answer this call?

    2. Why would Mr. Lawrence wait around for that to happen?

    3. If it were me, I would say, "here's your cat" and leave. Some shelters try to make the person delivering the cat into a "customer" who can be billed for the expenses of animal care. And they use the law against animal abandonment to extort money from those people delivering pets. This has the opposite effect and discourages people from bringing pets to the shelter an encourages them to simply abandon them. It is the typical consequence of bleeding hearts passing laws without thinking through how those laws (and policies) will be executed and the effect they will have on teh general population. Our local always says, "we have no more room for additional cats, unless you can 'sponsor' him, we can't take him". Because of laws like this, I no longer pick up strays.

    1. the typical consequence of bleeding hearts passing laws without thinking through how those laws (and policies) will be executed and the effect they will have on teh general population.

      Good point.

    2. Exactly.

      And more and more schools - elementary middle and high call police over 'disturbances' (kids fighting) rather than deal with it as a discipline issue.

    3. Who would have ever thought there would be cops permanently assigned to public schools?

    4. A few years ago I found an older golden retriever standing in the middle of the road confused and expecting someone to pick her up. She had an invisible fence collar on so I figured she couldn't go home and get in her yard. It was in my general neighborhood and I figured the dog belonged to a friend so I stopped and put her in my truck and proceeded to try and find the owner. There is a vets office about 3/4 of a mile from where I found her and I figured there was a fair chance they knew the dog so I took her there.

      The vet proceeded to ask me a lot of pointed questions. It was clear to me she didn't know the dog. I started to leave. She informed me that I could NOT leave with the dog and told her assistant to CALL ANIMAL control.
      I'm not a meek sort of person and I told her flat out in clear language that I brought that dog in there and I was leaving with her and that it was none of her concern and I left her with her mouth hanging open.

      All government now is of the mindset that the public are criminals and they have to treat us as such until proved different and apparently that has bleed over to veterinarians and probably doctors as well.

      It turned out that
      the dog belonged to a good friend of mine and I got her home.

  4. Our society is in a death spiral, accelerating its circular speed like a toilet that has been flushed. The handle was actuated in 2008.