Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mayor Slay: It’s Time to Rethink Confederate Monument in Forest Park

Via Carl

During the official dedication of Forest Park’s only memorial commemorating fallen Confederate soldiers, in December 1914, Mrs. H. N. Spencer asked the city of St. Louis to “guard [Confederate Monument] as a sacred trust.

“It seems fitting that Missouri, so strongly Southern in sentiment, should have the shaft reared here in this, her great metropolis,” said Spencer, who led the $23,000 effort to build the monument, according to Confederate Veteran magazine. “It is the embodiment of our love.”

A century later, in a city still struggling to find unity, Mayor Francis Slay is asking local experts whether preserving the 32-foot granite memorial to the Confederacy would mean continuing to display it in one of St. Louis' most popular attractions.

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  1. Heck, the only reason I would travel to St. Louis is to see the Confederate
    memorial. Look away, look away.