Thursday, April 23, 2015

VSU “Protest Group” Armed – Police Seeking Eric Sheppard Jr. – “Armed and Dangerous”…

Via comment by Anonymous on ‘I Kill Crackers All The Time': Black Woman Attack...

Eric Sheppard 
Media now beginning to report on Eric Sheppard Jr and here’s a local news report showing him in a confrontation with police while lying about his threats and being armed.

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 “we are separated from America” … “we have to kill our oppressors”…  [white people] are “imposing Christianity upon us”.

“this is the end times of America”… our goal is to “kill his ass, lynch his ass, skin his ass”…

 [directly speaking only to white students] “I hate you”… “I don’t promote peace and love”… “To be honest with you, I hate you”.

 “I’m not here to promote love of all people” …


  1. Just another poor baby. If only the government would give him a job. He just needs a job.

    1. They must not have allowed him to educate himself when he was a slave............

  2. Good one, Brock. HA