Saturday, May 30, 2015

All 8 women fail Ranger School: Some Rangers say standards should change

Via avordvet

On Friday, the Army announced that all the women who had attempted to graduate from Ranger School had officially failed to meet the standards, according to a military source.

Ranger School, which grooms the Army’s most elite special operations fighting force, opened its doors to women for the first time this year. Eight of the 20 women who originally entered the school's first co-ed class were allowed to recycle through the program after they fell out in their first go-round. The Friday announcement confirmed this happened again. Three of the eight were invited to take the course over again in late June.

To many, this means the system is working as it should.


  1. If the women can't hack it, too bad. Women are not equipped for this (yes, I am a woman). Lower the standards? Really? You want a weak wannabe watching your back, unable to drag you off the battlefield? The stupidity of this administration is chilling.

    1. Thanks and I wouldn't even bother attempting it.

  2. Odeneiro, says there's currently no plan to change....bull SHIT!
    I bet, somewhere, there is someone that knows what year the final push will be made.
    The libs have already decided this just like don't ax don't tell decided the gay thing, now straight soldiers have to cross dress to feel empathy.
    I'm prior service AF. I wish I had tested myself in the USMC or Rangers, etc. But I've read some about the stuff in question.
    Read Lone Survivor and then watch the flick to get a visual idea of the mooslims vs SEALS chase at the end.
    Could a woman take the spot of Lt Murphy or Luttrell or either of the other 2?
    I'd always heard that the SEALs et al weren't looking for the most buff best athlete types, but the guys that despite alllll the pain and torture could still think and act.
    This country is so screwed.

  3. I am really tired of all of the effort to make EVERYTHING gender neutral.

    Hell, men drop out of Ranger school. Does that mean that you must lower the standards so that every one that wants the tab gets one?

    IMHO, women have no business in combat units. When this old fart was in the Army, the WAC's did clerical work, motor pools, and MP's. That's where they belong, not in line or elite units.


  4. I can't pass it either-but I don't want them to change it so I can get the Ranger tab. Deal with it / lowering standards = not being combat proficient and getting members in your unit killed.

    Tyler, Texas

  5. The only people who would suggest changing the standards are those who failed.
    I guarantee every ranger who made it through will oppose changing them. Diluting
    qualifications always ends up producing a group of people who can't do the job.

  6. I witnessed some badass dudes wash out of ranger school 20 years ago. Physical injury or mental weakness weeds out the less than superior. I had no interest, as a man needs to accept his limitations. This is not an environment for the ladies. If they succede in their effors to feminize this elite club, we are all screwed.

    1. If they succede in their effors to feminize this elite club, we are all screwed.

      Just screwed more-so than we already are.......:)

  7. The notion to change the standards to politically fashionable is weapons grade stupidity. The reason why being a Ranger has any meaning, and to be one means that soldier is part of an elite group is because not every one can be one. If one could be a Ranger just by sewing the tab on the uniform, then being a Ranger would be meaningless.
    If at the end of the season every football team was given the title, Superbowl Champion then the title would become meaningless. Certain things have their value only because, it is rare or very difficult to have.

    1. The notion to change the standards to politically fashionable is weapons grade stupidity.

      Unless you are willing to kill 25,000,000+ on the road to communism.