Saturday, May 30, 2015

White S Africans sign controversial petition for the “right to return” to Europe

Via Nancy

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A reported petition posted on the website to the European Commission to allow white South Africans, who so wish, to return to Europe to save South African whites from "ethnic cleansing. This petition also extend to whites in Zimbabwe and Namibia. The campaign is reported to have been initiated by Rodrigo Hernaus de Campos from Brazil. To talk more about this petition, we are joined in the studio by Angel Jones, CEO of Homecoming Revolution and Dr Dan Roodt, he is the director of


  1. I signed this petition a few days ago. This woman speaker is a buffoon and hopefully
    she will be visited by a hoard of the invaders. The White South Africans should
    come to the US since the US is one of the main contributors of the down-fall of
    South Africa along with GB - hows the gold and diamond business going for ya.
    Rot in Hell.