Friday, May 29, 2015

Cleveland/DOJ Agreement: A Framework for the nationalization of all local law enforcement

Via Jeffery

Cleveland  – First City To Fall To Federalization Of Local Law Enforcement

Following a an 18-month investigation by the Justice Department, who issued a scathing report accusing Cleveland police of a large pattern of excessive force and other abuses by police, the city of Cleveland and the DOJ have announced that a ‘settlement’ has been reached.


  1. Get ready, it's going to happen. If you think your local PD is poorly run, just wait til it is run by the same people who tax us and regulate us. -55six

  2. What the states giveth, the states can taketh away. The states gave the Fed. gov.
    life, the states can take the life away. Secede from the Fed gov. The Fed. gov
    has become a cancer.