Wednesday, June 24, 2015

NBC: “White Americans Are Biggest Terror Threat in U.S.”

Via  Michael Downing

 Tea Party I

First you demonize.  Then you criminalize.  Then you exterminate.  This is how Genocides are started.


Obama’s Regime with help from his Praetorian Media are furiously pushing the meme that White Americans are the biggest terror threat to the country.

In the wake of the massacre of churchgoers in a  black church by Dylan Roof, the event has been capitalized by Obama, his media and the entirety of the Marxist Leftwingtards in America and the Ruling Class Oligarchs in Washington D.C. to push for everything from the removal of the Confederate flag from sale and display, to radicals who have the protection and ear of Obama urging the killing of all white people.

Politicians were trampling all over one another to jump on the bandwagon to call for the removal of Confederate flags and statues of Jefferson Davis as insane pundits called for bulldozing Confederate cemeteries and questioned the legitimacy of the Jefferson Memorial due his slaveholdings.  I watched in amazement as businesses went full seig heil! in removing any and all items for sale and display that had Confederate symbols on them.  I have to wonder aloud if this was simply an opportunist moment to test whether or not the Ruling Class could do the same with Guns as they have with the CSA Battle Flag.



  1. Wow. This shit has gotten so outa control in a few days. I'm thinking this was all in the works just waiting for a catalyst. I would like to know who got dylan roof so wound up. Wouldn't be a fed would it?

    1. Seems too perfect and coordinated not to be a setup. Wolves were just waiting for their prey. Screw the R's and D's.

  2. New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu calls for removal of Lee Circle statue

    Pastor wants Jefferson Davis memorial taken down
    Shawn Anglim Anglim is calling for the mayor Mitch Landrieu to remove the Jefferson Davis statue on Independence Day. It is a question Mayor Mitch Landrieu and other city leaders are now considering calls for the Jefferson Davis memorial to be taken down.

    McConnell: Remove Jefferson Davis Statue from Kentucky Capitol
    Kentucky's most powerful Republican politician on Tuesday suggested taking down the statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis from the state's Capitol.
    He questioned "the appropriateness of continuing to have a Jefferson Davis statue in a very prominent place in our state Capitol. Maybe a better place for that," he said, "would be the Kentucky History Museum."
    For those who still don't understand, the time to stop hiding
    behind prepping, justifying inaction until a perfect level of
    training has been obtained, and waiting until a moment of
    tactical purity exists is over.
    We must acknowledge and accept that our
    former lives are over.
    Everything that was comfortable, enjoyable, desirable about
    that time, it's longevity and safety must now be put down.
    The infighting, back stabbing and making excuses must be shelved.
    If we don't honestly and openly admit it is time to go on the
    offensive, no one should be surprised how this ISIS/communist
    attempt to destroy and erase Confederate history, it's descendants, supporters
    ultimately ends in the defeat of our Republic and Constitutional rule of law.

  3. The media is fueling this, but F-it. The MSM will be the first to go, they are already being heckled on the street. Therevis no political soulution. "The Tree of liberty must be nourished by the soul of Tyrants-TJ loose adaptation.

    1. Therevis no political soulution.

      None at all, Sir.

  4. So Ebay and other companies are scrambling to remove all Confederate images yet they continue to merrily sell Nazi flags, gay pride flags, ISIS flags and many other hate and terror images. We are living in the Twilight Zone literally and figuratively.

    1. We are living in the Twilight Zone literally and figuratively.

      Really. I just checked and saw the old Georgia flag as well as ones that have been added too. Damn, should have gone into the business before. :)

  5. They screwed up.

    They didn't confiscate guns before they started in on trying to destroy the culture.

    But, whey shouldn't they feel emboldened? We have done NOTHING to stop them up to this point.

    1. Yup and I keep saying that the pendulum can only go so far.........................

  6. Watching everything going on for the last few days has given me the impression that I better pay attention to everything and remember it. I've got the feeling that we are going to experience some mind blowing shit here shortly. Ever read thru history books and wonder what people were thinking during pivotal moments? I believe we're there now. The country is broke, our representatives have sold us out, the moral grounds on which this country were founded have been washed away, the list goes on and on. Ask yourself, how many times have you heard people say they don't understand what's going on in the country anymore? Shits changing fast fellas. Pay attention because our grandchildren might ask us one day what it was like when we had to make a stand.