Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Coming Persecution… What’s a patriot to do?

Via Sauced07 via WRSA


Ahhh, that ‘moment.’ The moment when it all sunk in and you realized I wasn’t joking about the coming persecution of Christian patriots in America. And now the stage is set and ‘it’ is at the threshold.

I’ve received several emails and want to offer you some encouragement, which also ties in with the series I’m doing, titled ‘The Coming Underground.’ So, some action steps are in order. WHAT TO DO!


  1. The absolute first thing you do as a Christian patriot living here in the FUSA, is always remember that our God is in full control of events. Even antichrist Obama and the members of the Party of Evil, are being used to for His ends. The second thing is to face that reality that the country we were born in is gone forever. The Republic, the Constitution, and the rule of Law is dead. We now live in a post-Christian pagan culture and are considered to be enemies of the state and terrorists. Humm, almost sounds like badge of honor to me. I will take it as a badge of honor, if I am hated and persecuted for being a Christian.
    And Now for a little gallows humor. Long time ago I saw this bumper sticker, it was crude, but accurate: Jesus is coming again....
    and is He pissed!
    What to do? Never, never, never give up!

    1. t sounds like badge of honor to me.

      A Badge of Honor regardless of what they come for.


      Never, never, never give up!


  2. And it gets worse