Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Flag Uproar: "Where Will It End?"


 From Redwood City, Ca. (Where I used to drive a cab)

Dear Sir,

I am an American that lives in one of the most hated states in the union, California. I have been coming to your site off and on for some time now. The first time was when I bookmarked your post "Some thoughts about defending your retreat" from April 11, 2011. I believe I had followed a link from another website to find yours.

Personally I have always, since my early twenties (now 45), had a problem with the principles of freedom and liberty not being promoted in our country. Your site allows me to expand further on many things related to the subject and to Southern history and culture as well. This is a subject I have taken an interest in. Once I figured out the war was a war of Northern aggression and succession was a moral choice between two opposing people and their culture and force can only be used in defense morally I was changed about how I view the South and its attempts to succeed.

If I may tell you about my experience today. A day that got my blood pressure up a bit.
 Since I have been troubled by the recent events, with the Confederate Battle Flag and all the things associated with it I decided to call my local flag shop. It is called Judy's Flag Shop in the next city and about 5-7 years ago I bought a Confederate Battle Flag sticker and a 3'X4' Bonnie Blue Flag. There was quite a lot of other Southern flags as well, stickers and pins etc. It was well before the current purge of history that we are seeing now.

Well this morning, not more than an hour ago I called this business. I planned on asking for "historical flags from the civil war...". When I asked I was immediately answered with "No we don't" and "that I took them off the shelf because of all the controversy." I asked why she did that. I was told because she wasn't "political". I asked if she had some in the back. Nope, not going to sell them. So after telling her she would not be getting my business again, which she probably wants since I am obviously a crazed extremist, I hung up.  

The reason I wanted to obtain a flag was because I decided to make a flag pole for my truck. A Toyota Tacoma that was designed in Japan, it's parts made in Mexico and the rest assembled here by a multicultural diverse group of people who could be from anywhere in a city just about 40 minutes from here. I was thinking that instead of being low key with the Bonnie Blue that I would be a little louder in my opinion of the current state of the union and fly the most loved and hated symbol, currently speaking. Well I guess I will be going online or using my old license plate that I used to have on my truck which is a great, deeply rich in color, battle flag.

 I drove around with that thing on the front of my "foreign" truck for a good 18-24 months. I never got assaulted, yelled at, vandalized or fired from my job( a union job even).

Sir, I am sorry. Sorry for all this insanity. I can only imagine what Southern people must go though seeing this behavior. I am so disgusted that I was trying to symbolize the seriousness of the situation by putting the Confederate Battle Flag with the Star of David with Jude in the center of it. I wrote "Where Will It End?" on it. I posted it on my Facebook page as my profile picture. I don't usually, as of late, do Facebook but under the circumstances I am spreading my disgust at the total "nazification" of Amerika.

 I would like to ask you as a Southern American if this is offensive to you or would it be understood now with the climate the way it is?

I may have to make one to say what I think this country is and I'll have to wonder "who" is going to run the train cars in a decade.

Sir I am in the Bay Area. This place is communism central. You have a small faction of fascists around too. During Ron Paul's attempt at the Presidency I saw a good handful of freedom lovers I guess but unfortunately the majority, in my opinion, are so uninformed, uneducated and lacking in any moral compass and principles(even caring) that I am very concerned that this situation will escalate with more vandalism and violence. Death may occur somewhere when opposing opinions collide in the most undesirable way.

If I can give you another personal example, If I am not taking your time, I have a daughter. She is 3 and I take part in a co-op. Every year there is a different teacher. One for toddlers, 2's, 3's and pre-kindergarten. Well to my horror the 3's teacher thinks it is necessary to praise Lincoln and Rev King to a bunch of 3 year olds who have no idea or conceptual mind to critically think about these two subjects. I even tried to bring in Booker T. Washington's book Up From Slavery for her continued education. I was hoping she would see the difference between a hand out and a hand up. Well too much to read I guess because the book was rejected overnight. I had even underlined some of the most individualistic lines for myself throughout for an easier return at another time. Still this was too much for a "teacher".

 I will end it here Sir. I just wanted to write. I have thought about it for a few days since all these attempts at destroying American history and Southern culture have begun, again with more intensity. I hope the attacks on your history and culture end. May you have the greatest of opportunities and divine intervention.


                                                                                                          Stephen Burt


  1. God bless you Stephen !!!
    If I were you, I'd get the heck outa commie central, Kalifornia is no place for a patriot.....

    1. I was just thinking of mentioning leaving when he replies to my email. No downside that I see. :)

  2. it takes a lot of guts and integrity to reside in libtard central and still attempt to sway hearts and minds. Futile but admirable. Seems like he possesses something that a lot of us are losing-- hope That things will be rectified without violence.

  3. No, it is not offensive. Welcome to the South, in spirit. I've done business in Los Angeles and San Francisco. I lived in San Diego for six-months. It's a beautiful state. I couldn't wait to get out of there. I'm not worth what it would cost some company to get me to move there.

    1. It's a beautiful state.

      The last 20 years have killed it. Thanks.

  4. indyjonesouthereJuly 1, 2015 at 8:13 PM

    No one should ever compromise with the social justice warriors because they simply move on to the next item they want you to compromise on. They are progressive/socialist/communists who will try to use government to destroy any belief you have that doesn't worship government. No is a word that just pisses them off....use it frequently.