Wednesday, July 22, 2015

III & Battle Flags

Via Jeffery " of the young men who took the class was Josh Burleson (great young man, married with baby on the way, friend of our family, etc.). To be a young man with limited financial means, Josh has had a lot of training (pistol, rifle, CQB, knife fighting, etc. His daddy in law has a a great interest and is a financially able). Anyhow, three employees where Josh works were reprimanded and told to remove Confederate flags from their vehicles (This is Clayton Homes in Addison, AL-my home town).

The company also confronted Josh about his III percent Betsy Ross Flag. He informed them he would not remove it. He got a huge following on FB because of his stand. The Saturday after the week when he caught all the flak, he went to a guns show with my son and I and explained his position to us. Monday morning TPTB called him into the office and told him  his flag was fine. I took another picture (not this one) of it in his truck in the employee parking lot today and sent it to ...... telling him "all was well. As a side note, there are many from Decatur who work at the plant where Josh is employed. This bad news for the Confederate flag bearers, but good for Josh. I have the feeling that if the others had stuck to their guns as he did, they would be flying their colors now! Take care and good night.'


  1. As expected (and surprisingly overdue), the ball is
    now in play to establish the legal precedent of erasing
    certain founders of our Republic from history, as is
    now being done to Confederate history by treasonous
    American communists/isis:
    Democrats drop Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson from dinner name -
    Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson are history in Connecticut.
    Under pressure from the NAACP, the state Democratic Party will scrub the names of the two presidents from its annual fundraising dinner because of their ties to slavery.

    Nick Balletto - communist chairman of Connecticut Democratic Party

    1. Thanks.