Saturday, August 1, 2015

'Civil War' in Alaska

Via David

Civil War Confederate warship, CCS Shenandoah
 Drawing from Captian Waddell found inside his journal

Months after the end of the Civil War, Confederate warship CSS Shenandoah hadn't gotten the memo.

A 1160-ton screw steam cruiser was launched at Glasgow, Scotland, in August 1863 as the civilian steamer Sea King. After the Confederate Navy secretly purchased her, she was put to sea in October 1864, under the cover story that she was headed for India on a commercial voyage. Sea King rendezvoused at sea off Madeira with another ship, which brought Confederate Navy officers, some crew members, heavy guns and other equipment needed to refit her as a warship. This work was completed at sea under the supervision of C.S. Navy First Lieutenant (later Commander) James Iredell Waddell, who became the cruiser's first Commanding Officer when she was commissioned as CSS Shenandoah on 19 October.

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