Saturday, August 1, 2015

Confederate flag rally at Stone Mountain: ‘They will not erase our history.’

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Around 100 people had already arrived at Stone Mountain Park for a rally celebrating the Confederate flag by around 9:45 a.m. Saturday, and traffic on nearby I-285 and U.S. 78 was backed up for miles.

Caravans from all over Georgia bore unwavering rebel flags as they streamed into the park’s Yellow Daisy parking lot for the day-long event, which approximately 1,000 people are expected to attend, according to a Facebook event titled “Ga. State Flag Rally.” The event page includes instructions for people who plan to attend the rally, such as meeting times and locations, and lists of rules like these:

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    On top of Stone Mountain, a Confederate flag supporter puts his hand on his weapon while a counter protester at right shouts at him, and a police officer calms the escalation, during a flag rally at Stone Mountain Park in Stone Mountain, Ga.,on Saturday, Aug. 1, 2015.

    1. Thanks and good, maybe they will understand that actions have consequences and an armed society is a polite society. Screw them and the horse they rode in on.

  2. The rally supporter also had a
    rifle slung on his left side.
    I am certain that the armed
    member of our society motivated
    the police officer to exercise
    common sense, intervened to
    'calm the escalation.'

  3. Affirmative Action has reached it all to predictable conclusion. Special privilege in hiring and college admissions were supposed to achieve some sort undefined "social equality" but instead has a produced a sense of entitlement not just to jobs, educational opportunity and the products of other peoples labor, but to publicly engage in a wide variety of uncivilized behavior up to and including violence and murder. So called "white privilege" and "micro aggression" have become the feeblest of excuses for just another form of oppression based in political advantage.

    I think it Voltaire who said "If you want to know who rules over you, look to see who you are not allowed to criticize." None of this is to say that individuals are not capable of remarkable achievements. Dr. Carson, Justice Thomas, Thomas Sowell amount them. But each and everyone them would tell you it wasn't just opportunity but that a whole lot of hard work, dedication and personal sacrifice was applied to getting where they are.

    Unfortunately beyond such individual achievement blacks in general have proven themselves incapable of governing themselves at almost any level. I'm not just talking about the débâcles of Detroit and Baltimore but across the entire continent of Africa. Prosperity is a nonexistent possibility buried in a swamp of tribalism and corruption. The "racist" 3% of whites in the former Rhodesia whose agricultural productivity fed most of southern Africa have been driven out, many brutally slaughtered on the process of expropriating their lands. The communist Mugabe's regime has replaced that with nothing but rampent hyperinflation, poverty, corruption and starvation.

    South Africa is rapidly following the same path of turning a once prosperous nation into just another African shit hole. All the gold, platinum and diamonds in the world are just pearls before swine when the attitude of those who govern is that personal advantage comes before any form human dignity or individual liberty.

    Zimbabwe, South Africa, Cuba, Venezuela, where where the weeds of collectivism take root the orchards is prosperity and liberty are choked out. Mark my we are next on the list to be subjugated. The political elitists who perpetrate this evil think that behind the walls of their compounds at Chapaqua and the Hamptons that they are immune to the consequences. They forget the lessons of history they become the first ones consumed in the fires.

    1. They forget the lessons of history they become the first ones consumed in the fires.

      Thanks or they think it will be different this time. Fat chance.

  4. Another interesting write up
    of the Stone mountain rally:

    This report also included various pictures of the
    One photo in particular reveals that it was likely
    organized discreetly as an open carry event (a smart idea):

    1. Thanks and the large photo is revealing.