Saturday, August 1, 2015

One More Flag Is Up & Keep It In Their Face!

 RebBill on the left with harmonica. 

Sam Davis Youth Camp 2010  Flora MacDonald College



In addition to the two I have flown on my front porch posts for the past 18 years I just wanted y'all to know that I'm taking my own advice in the following poem and now have a 25' flag pole at the very front of my property, dead center of my front door with a Confederate 3rd National Flag flying on it. Only reason it's not a battle flag is that I had already given all my Battle Flags to others before the pole went up and they are a bit hard to come by these days. Ruffin has surpassed the 50,000 flag mark in sales and still having them imported by the container load from China!

For those of you who have not yet let Benedict Arnold Bentley know how you feel, I urge you to bombard his office with calls and get those flags up and flying. If our socialist enemies saw flags flying in every direction, the statement that that would make would do more than anything else we can do to put an end to the present cultural genocide of the Southern people. Remember to vote with your dollar, don't spend your hard earned yankee fiat money with any person or business who has dissed our flag or heritage! A photo of my new flagpole will be on Facebook, soon as I get the sign up that goes with it!

Y'all have a great Dixie day!


"Keep it in their Face"

Raise your Southern Crosses high,
Fly them tall in wind, and sky!
For every one they vote away,
Raise 3 more the very next day!

Fly it from your housetops,
Plant it in your sod.
Let the Lefties know,
It's a symbol of our God.

Fly one on your home,
fly one on your lawn.
Keep it waving proudly,
from night to dusky dawn.

Fly one from your car,
or wherever there's a space;
Keep it flying night and day
forever, in their face!

And from this day remember,
what's written on this page;
that those who hate our Southern ways,
deserve our Southern rage!

You have no voice in politics,
your votes have brought you naught:
you gave them a majority,
and look at what you got!

And, upon the stupid tube,
your voice will not be heard,
The media is all controlled,
they'll have the final word.
Your vote will only bring you more,
of what you've just endured!

So now it comes on down to this;
the only vote you have,
is the dollar in your pocket,
and to fly your Rebel flag!



  1. Hi Brock,
    Ya' know or can get the "Key" they play this in and the "Chords," I can "Fake it" from there. Sure would be nice to see a vid of them doing this song!! Gotta get out the old "Guitar" and tune up the strings!!!
    The "Damn Yankee's" bit off more than they can chew with all this anti-Confederate stuff!! They are in for a "Reckoning!!!!"
    'Got Gunz "AND" Confederate Flags......OUTLAW!!,

    1. Good idea. I'll send this to T who wrote The Seven Blackbirds, first video down on the right hand side. Thanks!