Monday, August 17, 2015

Muslims Slaughter Dozens of Hindus and Buddhists at Erawan Hindu Shrine in Bangkok.

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 Bangkok Thailand - Erawan Hindu Shrine 2 (resized)


 Lets see, what's the old saying about the only good (fill in the blank) is a dead one...?


A bomb has exploded outside a religious shrine in a bustling hub of the Thai capital, killing at least 19 people and injuring more than 120 others in an attack authorities said targeted foreigners.


The blast occurred about 6.30pm (2130 AEST) on Monday when the streetside Erawan Shrine close to upscale shopping malls was packed with worshippers and tourists.


‘I heard a very loud bang, it made the whole building shake so I ran outside to see what had happened,’ Panupan Chansing, 20, a hotel worker at the nearby Grand Hyatt Erawan, told AFP.


‘I saw bodies lying on the ground and I saw vehicles on fire. I feel very sad and sorry that this has happened to Thai people … I’m scared.’


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  1. I smelt muzzies the moment I heard about this...

  2. And payback will be a bitch. Both groups especially the Hindus won't put up with that crap.

    1. Yes and I forget which country, but their Buddhists went on a rampage against them after being targeted first.

    2. That was Burma aka Myanamar (sp?).

    3. Bingo! Thanks.

      we decided that we ought to check out Burma. We went to their embassy, but it was clear that they weren't *overjoyed about Americans visiting there, (my friend had an official passport) and they did their best to do everything as slowly as possible. So, we just left and enjoyed Bangkok some more. We had understood that there was one good English hotel in Rangoon where all that they had was gin and no girls, but we wanted to visit anyway.

  3. There were two more bombings there today. They have a person of interest which
    was picked-up on a spy camera. Looks the muzzie type. Still hunting for him.