Tuesday, August 18, 2015

In Memory Of Jerry M. Shriver

Via comment by Anonymous on Symposium on the Green Berets and the Montagnards

 Mad Dog and Klaus

This is a write-up on Jerry M. Shriver and others killed in action in either Laos or Cambodia.

"Mad Dog," as he was aptly called in the SOG (Special Forces) group at FOB#2 Kontum, VN. It seemed to me, that every time one of these teams got into a perdicamint we were on call.

I grew rather close to "Mad Dog" during my tour with the 170th AHC Bikinis in 1967.

He was a peculiar person.

My children have heard many tales of my crew inserting and extracting Jerry's team of Special Forces.

Upon my return to VN in 1969, I heard that Jerry was dead and the NVA had decapitated him to show proof that he would not bother them anymore.

More @ 170th


  1. What a waste of a real man. He gave all he could give and kept on giving when
    he should have long stopped. If they would have removed him as is what should
    have been done, he would be alive probably but he himself just couldn't say the words.
    He could not say no even though he knew he was burned- out. They just use you
    and spit you out. For all we know, they knew this was a trap because I think Mad Dog did.

    1. One of the pieces I have posted on him mentions that he wouldn't have been able to take civilian life anymore and was why he kept on.