Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Nothing We Do Is Good Enough For Blacks So Stop Trying



One of black America’s celebrities, Azealia Banks, has come out with a hate-filled tirade against conservative white America, and above all, straight white men.

This whining ingrate, made fantastically wealthy only due to being born American and by virtue of white technology has used her position of fame to launch an attack against the very country and people which made her fame and wealth possible. If such vitriol was turned toward blacks or gays the outrage would be scorching front pages around the world.

But there is no media outrage against her comments and this should sound a stern warning to white people everywhere.

Even after everything white people have done for blacks they still seethe with primitive rage. This is not disinterest. This is bile and hatred. They hate us, and nothing we can do will ever change that.


  1. Yep pretty much all Blacks out there hate us simply for being White. In many ways it's the same with the Hispanics too. While I will agree with articles like this and even point out some of the blatant double standards myself in the end I still say this is a self correcting problem.

    As the article points out Blacks like this one and all the others who hate White Americans are already resting on the shoulders of those they hate. They are a societal parasite and a parasite of that make up rarely kills the host. It may weaken it back to nothing but in doing so it kills itself.

    That is what we are really seeing with this long slow collapse and decline. The parasites killing the host. Since we are part of the host it's our job to stay as healthy as possible and outlive the parasite.

  2. So why does this piece of trash straighten her hair to took like a white person's?

    1. :) Well said. I do see women who have done so, but in my experience they have always had manners, something this thing has never heard of I believe. In fact, a mother/daughter combination in Tarboro strikes my mind, but we all are congenial there and some are just wonderful.

  3. It's too bad that they didn't listen to people like Martin Delaney, Booker T Washington, and Elizabeth Wright who said that blacks are the only ones who can and should improve their lot in life with anything other than that would be a disaster.

    1. Elizabeth Wright

      Too bad she is gone. As I remember, she entered a hospice not long before the end and silently faded away. We should keep her memory alive.

  4. The criminal element. What to do. It's escalating as I type. It is a certain type of
    black. Normal blacks want out too. They are moving out of the crime ridden
    neighborhoods. The 93 Y. O. Tuskegee airman 's son said they were moving out
    of St. Louis after being robbed a few times. Example:

    1. Normal blacks want out too.

      Absolutely, those in the country are happy to stay and thanks.