Tuesday, August 18, 2015

93 Year-Old Tuskegee Airman Is Robbed and Then Carjacked While Lost in North St. Louis

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A 93-year-old Tuskegee Airman had his car stolen and was robbed in two separate incidents on Sunday night. The robbery happened Sunday at McPherson and Sarah in North St. Louis

Police say the victim got lost while driving to his daughter’s home Sunday night at around 11:30pm. The 93-year-old man pulled over to call his daughter. A man approached and entered the victim’s vehicle. The suspect took cash from the victim’s pant pocket. The suspect then got into another vehicle and left the scene…

…The victim then drove to the intersection of Walton and Page. The elderly man got out of his car and asked two black males for help. They got into his car and drove away.

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  1. In 1952 I tutored a Korean War veteran in calculus at NC State College. I was puzzled one day when he said "I don't hate all n_____s, just n_____s in general. It has taken 63 years for me to fully understand that statement. The many admirable black people I have known in neighborhoods, industry, and current ones in my Southern Baptist Church are not representative of the "general" class. It"s a shame.

    Having driven across St. Louis many times, I now advise folks to skirt it. But I would have naïvely thought a 93 year old Tuskegee airman would be safe there. What do I know except that I lived too long?

    1. :) We should have gone out in blazing glory during the Late Unpleasantness.

  2. Those low-life yutes have no respect for anyone.

    They are a plague on humanity.

  3. But they can't be racists if they are black. No, they are just criminals. But does it matter?